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The Prenatal Academy

Evidence-based prenatal workouts to exercise safely during pregnancy.

Strengthen your body safely during pregnancy, prevent injury, and prepare your body for labour and the postpartum period. You can start this program whether you are 12 or 30 weeks pregnant!*
*Always check with your doctor prior to starting an exercise program.

Strengthen your core during pregnancy.

This FREE video will show you why you should strengthen your core during pregnancy, and how to do this safely.

The Postnatal Academy

The most effective postpartum workouts to safely build strength after baby.

By the end of this 12-week program, you will feel strong, confident, and energized, all while improving your physical and mental health.

Reconnect to your core.

This FREE 7-minute video takes you through how to reconnect to your core postpartum. This is your starting point for building your strength up safely and effectively after baby.


Before starting, I was worried about what my postpartum body could handle; new moms cannot afford to get injured! But you took us step by step and you made the process of getting started a lot less intimidating. By offering expert advice and tips along the way, you alleviated my worries and made me feel much more confident about pushing myself to keep going.
Dalia K.
Teacher & Mom of 1
After my pregnancy, I was experiencing lots of back pain from lifting my baby. I had also given birth via C-section and knew that I needed to recondition my body. Jenni helped me ease back into it - slowly, safely, and effectively. After just a few weeks of training, my core felt strong again and my back pain was gone from the exercises and stretches that she recommended. Working with Jenni is the best investment to reorient your body back into exercise after pregnancy!
Courtney S.
Social Worker & Mom of 1
The Postnatal Academy has given me the confidence to return back to my pre-pregnancy workout programs safely, and has me feeling way more energized to get more things done during the day! It has also helped me improve mentally. Being a new mom has so many emotional challenges and your program has really complimented my recovery. So thank you thank you thank you for all you do!
Kaitlyn C.
Registered Nurse & Mom of 1

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