Back Pain

Having issues with back pain? Here's some info on where to start.

Let me start by saying back pain can sometimes be very simple and other times more complex! You should always speak to your healthcare team when you’re experiencing back pain.

Here’s what we know from the research:

Movement helps. Majority of people will have improved outcomes for back pain if you are active vs. become sedentary.

Moving improperly can make your pain worse. Examples might be lifting heavy weights with improper form, or postural issues that exacerbate an existing injury.

Okay – so where do we go from here:

1: Strengthen safely:

Strengthen glutes and core without irritating the problem. Avoid positions that make the pain worse or could make the problem worse.

Some “safer” strengthening exercises: clamshells, bridges, deadbugs (if no pain). Always check with a physiotherapist or Qualified Exercise Professional on which exercises are best for your condition.

2: Is the problem with flexion or extension? *this is important

In simple terms, often times people have back pain as a result of compression on the front or back side of their spinal cord. The result of this is either:

a) pain when you fold forward (flexion), aka the CAT in cat-cow , or
b) pain when you lean backwards (extension), aka the COW in cat-cow.

Figure out if your pain is worse in back flexion (cat) or extension (cow) – avoid the position that exacerbates the pain, and practice stretching in the position where it feels better.

This is just a start, but this should help many! For more questions about back pain send me a message!

Note: This post is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice or treatment from your health care provider. Always follow the advice of your primary care provider when making decisions about your health and well-being.

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