Lovely Words from Lovely People I Have Worked With

I highly recommend having someone trained and knowledgeable to workout with during and following pregnancy. Jenni is that person. She provides corrections and modifications to ensure you are targeting the right muscles, improving your strength, and preventing (or working around) any injuries.

Betsy W.

Lawyer/Sales & Mom of 2
Mom kissing daughter's cheek.

Jenni, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your program and how it helped me feel great after having Harvie. It helped me feel confident that what I was doing was safe and that I had a plan to get back into working out and setting aside time for myself in a realistic way.

Jennie K.

Educator & Mom of 1
Woman wearing sunglasses and smiling while holding baby girl.

Jenni helped me build up the courage – and the core strength – to start working out safely again after my pregnancy. Jenni knows the right way to push you and build things up so you can get back to feeling strong again. She is brilliant!!

Sunny M.

Social Worker & Mom of 3
Family of four smiling.

After working with Jenni, I had far less low back pain and felt so much stronger! She ensures that exercise is safe, and knows which parts of your body that you need to strengthen first. I did not know where to begin, and I did not want to jump back into my pre-pregnancy regular exercise without proper guidance. I wanted to prevent injury and be safely guided through my re-entry into exercise. I would definitely recommend working with Jenni – it’s worth it!!

Laurel C.

Teacher & Mom of 2
Mom, dad and twin babies smiling

My biggest challenge before working with Jenni was finding time to workout that worked with my kids’ schedules. I also needed someone to help push me harder than I could myself. In working with Jenni, I was able to stay accountable to a program that kept me feeling healthy and strong during the prenatal and postnatal periods. Jenni is also super knowledgeable about pre/postnatal fitness. It’s like she knows your body better than you do 🙂

Jaime S.

Stay-at-Home Parent & Mom of 3
Mom smiling and holding two daughters by the pool

Before working with Jenni, my biggest challenge was knowing what exercises would be safe during the early postpartum period. After working with Jenni, I became educated, confident and motivated in what movements were safe for my body at each stage of the postpartum recovery process. Jenni is a very well-educated, motivational, and encouraging professional who has allowed me to feel supported, consistent and engaged in exercise throughout the challenges that come during the prenatal and postpartum periods.

Lauren D.

Family Doctor & Mom of 2

Jenni’s program is amazing. It really helped me prioritize myself again and my health. Her workouts are so approachable and definitely make you sweat! Since completing the Postnatal program, I’ve felt so much stronger, I’m able to hold my growing children, and have decreased my back pain. Jenni is also such a great support along the way and helps encourage you. She’s the best!!

Megan W.

Social Worker & Mom of 2

Jenni will be your biggest asset! Her calm temperament makes you feel supported and comfortable. Her knowledge allows you to follow a program that is right for your body, and your individual goals. In working with Jenni, I was able to tone and strengthen my body and had the assistance I needed to find the right routine.

Amy C.

Lawyer & Mom of 3

Jenni was exactly what I needed to help me regain my strength and re-establish my love for working out after pregnancy! Her calming energy, understanding of a woman’s body, expertise, and varied workouts helped get me back on track! After we started working out together, I became addicted to working out again and didn’t want to miss a class!

Stephanie S.

Teacher & Mom of 3

I knew that I had ab separation and a very weak postpartum core. I was nervous about how to get back to exercise but was also very eager to start. Jenni helped me ease back into my routine slowly. Each week she added additional challenges and pushed me to advance where appropriate. This gave me the confidence to know that I was exercising appropriately while healing my body. Jenni is incredibly knowledgeable, calm, patient and she genuinely cares about her clients. She is always checking in and offering health and workout tips. Perhaps most importantly, her workouts are so much fun! Do yourself a favour, and get in with Jenni!

Madison I.

Real Estate Development & Mom of 3

I gained so much knowledge from Jenni, and felt so confident and motivated with my exercise program. Working with Jenni eliminated my concerns over not knowing which exercises were safe to do both during pregnancy and postpartum. Jenni’s classes are also so much fun and the time flies by fast!

Jordanna S.

Speech Language Pathologist & Mom of 2

I loved working out with Jenni! She created a safe space to begin exercising again after my pregnancy, and she always made me feel comfortable! Jenni reminded me that it was okay to take things slow in the beginning and not pick up exactly from where I left off before giving birth. The workouts were always fun, challenging, and level-appropriate. I love the core strength I gained, and loved being able to prioritize my health and exercise again as a new mom.

Marlee L.

Teacher & Mom of 2

My biggest challenge before working with Jenni was my low motivation to exercise and lack of knowledge around pre and postnatal modifications (especially after a c-section!). Working with Jenni provided me with the confidence to workout with the assurance that I was moving my body safely. I loved how I quickly began to reconnect with my body and build strength! As a reluctant exerciser, I was able to find what works for me and how to move my body without making it feel like a chore. Jenni is highly attentive to individual needs, communicates exercises/form effectively and always provides modifications for different skills levels. She is also just so sweet and a pleasure to have as part of your weekly routine 🙂

Tamara G.

Social Worker & Mom of 2

I was hesitant to do certain workouts pregnant, but once Jenni and I started working together I felt calm and relaxed! And excited to get moving. It was awesome having Jenni to stay accountable to. She kept me exercising throughout my pregnancy, shared tons of relevant prenatal knowledge, and made it a very safe atmosphere.

Shayna M.

Director of Recreation & Mom of 2

Jenni is nothing but wonderful! Patient, kind, supportive, knowledgeable and attentive to form. My greatest achievements in working with Jenni were learning exercises to support my pelvic floor, training my abs safely throughout pregnancy, as well as learning exercises to manage post concussion symptoms. Jenni – you rock!!!

Lauren A.

Philanthropy and Impact Investing & Mom of 1

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